Professional Pest Elimination

When dealing with an infestation of rodents or insects within your property, home or commercial business, finding an efficient pest control service promptly is key. Serving both residential and commercial communities of the Niagara and St. Catherine’s regions, Pesttech Pest Control Services offers population and proximity control for a wide variety of rodents, insects and bugs.

With over forty years’ experience in the pest control field, we provide you with effective, discreet pest control at a reasonable cost. Within our region, we are extremely effective in providing bed bug control but also specialize in seasonal pests such as wasps, bees, earwigs and carpenter ants. Through our proven processes we control and remove all types of insects and wildlife pests from your home or commercial property. Providing you with a clean, safe living and work environment as well as general peace of mind.

Niagara(905) 563-3989
Hamilton (905) 521-2200
Burlington(905) 637-3409