Bed Bugs:

Bed Bugs have become a daily existence in the Pest Control Industry.

All of the media attention for these challenging insects have received is truly earned. Although there is a common belief these insects are “microscopic”, the signs of bed bugs are easy to identify. At approximately 1/5-1/8 inch long, the best way to simplify the identifying characteristic of a full grown bed bug is same size, shape, and color of an apple seed. Fecal stains on mattresses, bed sheets, and box-springs are usually easy to see in a well established infestation. Blood stains can be red when relatively new, to black as the stains age.

Bed bugs can spread quickly from one room to another, and throughout your home, or hotel without notice. But, despite their notoriety, they can be controlled, just like any other insect. Thorough, and meticulous treatments are the ingredient for success in which Pestech employs to address this annoying pest.

Pestech’s approach to bed bug control involves:

* Vacuum the heavily infested areas to quickly remove live bed bugs, caste skins, dust and debris, which promotes a more effective insecticide application.

* Steam Treatment to Mattresses, Boxsprings, Bed Frames, Baseboards, Headboard, and furniture to kill eggs, and live bugs with a minimal exposure to insecticides for the customer.

* A thorough residual insecticide application, to all furniture where bed bugs may reside.

* General clean up after treatment to further reduce customers to unnecessary exposure.

Prior to a bed bug treatment, a service technician visits with the tenant, to positively identify the bed bug infestation, then to go over the written instructions, and clarify any questions or concerns the tenant may have. A checklist is reviewed and signed by the tenant to streamline the treatment date.

A follow up treatment approximately 4 weeks later may be required.

Go to “Forms” section of this website to review the Bed Bug Preparations checklist, to see what’s required prior to service.