Professional Wildlife Removal Service

Humane, professional wildlife removal is also a service offered by Pestech. The use of one way doors, and or trapping to remove raccoons, squirrels, bats, and skunks from your home is a common method, followed by Pest Proofing your home from Wildlife pests, to ensure you are not invaded for years to come.

Each home has it’s own challenges, as does the behavior of each wildlife pest. Call, text, or email us for a free inspection, and written proposal for wildlife control and repair.

Refer to our Gallery section of this website to see past wildlife control projects undertaken by Pestech.

We ensure that our wildlife removal service will be safe and effective for both you and the wildlife pest.


Raccoons are our most common Structural Wildlife Pest. Looking for new homes usually early Spring. (March-April), but can continue as late as summer, depending of displacement. Most effective methods of control/removal involves exclusion repairs, and installation of One-Way Doors to possible entry points, such as Soffit junctures, Roof vents, and Chimneys.

Fall is also a very common time to encounter Raccoons entering homes, and structures. Usually last seasons' litter have been displaced by the mother, these juveniles are in pairs, to three. Shelter before the cold upcoming winter motivates these animals into an aggressive frenzy.

Clean up of feces is also a possible requirement. Removal, and exclusion comes with a 3 year guarantee. Call for a free estimate!


From Starlings, and Sparrows, to Pigeons, and Woodpeckers... Each Bird removal method can vary from structural situation to another, depending on species. As well as nesting materials bright into the Home or Structure, most birds carry parasitic bird lice, that can also invade your home even after the birds have vacated south for the winter, or removed.

Early risers that Birds are, can also disrupt your sleep. Call Pestech for a free estimate/inspection.


Grey Squirrels are our most common Squirrel pest found entering homes. However, Red Squirrels, and even Flying Squirrels also use Homes and other structures as convenient homes. Most often, squirrels are the most prolific wildlife pest, with the highest reproduction rate, and quickest Gestation period, and reproducing twice per year (March-May), as well as again from (Aug-Sept).

Part of the Rodent Family, squirrels need to gnaw constantly to keep their teeth shortened down, causing structural damage in the process. Most common access points include Chimneys, Soffits, Fascia, and/or roof vents. Squirrels will create multiple entry/exit points, if they become well established. Pestech can certainly help with any Squirrel issues effecting your home.


An ever-growing concern with rabies associated with Raccoons, and Skunks has become a real, and legitimate concern for Home Owners, especially in the Hamilton, and Niagara Regions. Skunks tend to borrow beneath structures, but will take advantage of any ready-made shelter. Usually at ground level.

Most common areas for skunks are beneath Sheds, Decks, and crawl spaces. Permanent Control/Protection from skunks involves digging trenches around affected structures, screening off the access points, along with installation of One-Way Doors. An On-Site inspection of the area (At no extra charge) is required to determine the best possible control method.

If Skunks are affecting your standard of Backyard living, give us a call.